Friday, August 4

The real calendar

Glorious winter sunshine that ran for a week and a half this January. It was a bitter -5 in the glens and balmy +5 on the mountain tops in the inversion.
A November storm crosses Cowal and charges up the Clyde, normal service is resumed...
Winters are long and dark, but some people love them - I certainly do! As do Niall and Mr cool here. Having precious few hours of winter sun makes me appreciate it all the more when it shows itself.
We often don't think of it but it's remarkable the effect of the passing seasons on many aspects of our lives and feelings. Living in the north of Scotland amplifies this effect a great deal with fewer hours of light and rather a lot of rain. But rather than this being a problem or a worry, it's something that I, and I believe many other Scottish based folk, relish. It's a good thing to really feel the seasons and their moods. Life in the static environments of big cities can numb an appreciation for nature's routine and its always tempting to live life to it's endless rythym of work and repetition. Thats not to say you can't (or won't need to!) do that in the highlands, but for many the type of activity, or routine will change and even if it doesn't you can still feel the season's clock reminding you that another year is dissapearing. You will never say "where did that summer go? it flew past". For me with an occupation in the outdoors (climbing) I appreciate the warm May breeze twice as much because the March squall on my face is still fresh in my mind.
This blog is not just my story though. I'm going to interview as many people as I can who have moved. For any that read this blog - most people will be reading to find out your story, so please give your perspecitves on the topics in the comments.

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Monika said...

Hi Dave, I really enjoyed your blog.:)I'm from Poland and I'm thinking about moving to Scotland but I still don't know where exactly. Your pictures are tremendous :) Who knows, maybe I'll start to like winner? :)
Best wishes, Monika