Thursday, August 3

Can you find beaches on planet eath better than these?

John Kirremuir from Berneray has a personal mission to visit every beach in the Outer Hebrides. Therefore, John has almost certainly seen more beautiful beaches than any man on earth. If thats hard to believe, a look through his blog will convince.

The Hebrides beaches are an experience that will leave a mark on anyone, whether you love nature and the outdoors or not.

There are more lovely images of Berneray in the gallery pages of Berneray's site.


Trevor said...

As someone who took the step of moving to the Highlands of Scotland from Suffolk two years ago I would just like to endorse what you have said so far.

John Kirriemuir said...

I've moved my blog, but kept (and occasionally add to) the pictures of Outer Hebrides beaches. They are now here: