Monday, July 31

Moving to the highlands & Islands

Welcome to the Highland Move blog. This blog is a resource portal, news and information site on all things concerned with moving to or within the Scottish highlands and islands. It is a dream of many to move from the city or from somehwere else on the globe for a better life in the highlands and islands. But for many it might stay a dream, because they dont have access to the information to convice them it is possible to make it happen or to galvanise their motivation. This blog aims to help you make it happen and make it happen well.

We will organise, review and explore all the sources of information on places to move to, what aspects of living are like there and put you in contact with all the right people to get going. We'll feature everything from study and job options and prospect, propery options, availability and resources, local services as well as describing the overall aesthetics of different locations to inspire you to go and make a life there!

This blog is run by Dave and Claire MacLeod, and was inspired by our own searches for information to find out if a move from Glasgow to the Hebrides was possible/viable/positive.