Monday, July 31

Moving to the highlands & Islands

Welcome to the Highland Move blog. This blog is a resource portal, news and information site on all things concerned with moving to or within the Scottish highlands and islands. It is a dream of many to move from the city or from somehwere else on the globe for a better life in the highlands and islands. But for many it might stay a dream, because they dont have access to the information to convice them it is possible to make it happen or to galvanise their motivation. This blog aims to help you make it happen and make it happen well.

We will organise, review and explore all the sources of information on places to move to, what aspects of living are like there and put you in contact with all the right people to get going. We'll feature everything from study and job options and prospect, propery options, availability and resources, local services as well as describing the overall aesthetics of different locations to inspire you to go and make a life there!

This blog is run by Dave and Claire MacLeod, and was inspired by our own searches for information to find out if a move from Glasgow to the Hebrides was possible/viable/positive.


Anne Popham said...

I don't actually know what a blogg is, but I do like your website. I am trying to find a map showing the gairloch, and its proximity to Aberdeen. I am interested in buying a property in Scotland and my friend has just had an offer accepted for a house with land in Gairloch, so I thought that might be a good place to start. Can you help?

Dave MacLeod said...

Aberdeen would be quite a commute from Gairloch! I've made a post above about finding online maps above.

You can use the OS get a map service to look at anywhere in Scotland in detail.

Manumitany said...

Trackback from Manumitany Blog

"...All said, I loved my time in Scotland, and will have more coming about that weekend when I can. If anyone would like to move (or dream of moving) to Scotland, check out Highland Move Blog. I'd love to have people to visit there so that I have plenty of excuses to go back!..."

Anonymous said...

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susan said...

i am living in a council house in leicester,doing a job i hate at the local tax office,im 47 yrs old and when my youngest child (16) has flown the nest i dream of moving to a scottish island. have had this dream for years...but dont know where to start. i have various skills and am not afraid of hard work,i just dont want to waste anymore of my precious life living in a way that doesnt make me happy!ideas/help greatly appreciated because im determined that i WILL do it somehow,someway! sue boullin

crowntechnicalservices said...

Mrs boullin.What a great post. That is exactly what ive been wanting to say. Reading that has made me think how much i have the dream of moving to the highlads but did not know how to ask on here. Here goes.. i am 46 i live in Rugby warwks. Ihate my job and also feel im missing out on a new life. I repair and service gas. oil, lpg and solid fuel heating, agas and boilers. I would like to know two main things.. would my trade be of use in that area nd do local people welcome outsiders. carl.

andrew 29 said...

my name is andrew i was hoping for some information, me and my partner and our baby which is due anytime soon + our two dogs have been thinking of moving to an island for some time, at the moment i am a chimney sweep wood burning stove installer and entertained the prospect of maybe being the islands chimney services and travelling to a few different islands and hoping to get enough work to get by although im open to other jobs. I was really just looking for some info does anyone offer these services ? How hard is it to actually move to the islands ? Are islanders open to newcomers ? I am in no poistion to buy so is there houses to rent on islands thanks .

steph said...

My husband and I would love to move to one of the islands with our four small children. We are desperate to do it but have no idea where to start or if it is even possible with restricted work options. Atm I am a stay at home mum and my husband works on the railway.
We really would love to move to this life but do it sooner rather than later before our children become accustomed to materialism. I too don't want this to always be a , what if? We want to try and make it a reality. Any help or advice would be massively appreciated.

We ideally need a local primary and secondary if that's a good starting block for an island search, also mains and internet to keep in touch with family x