Thursday, August 31

Local knowledge

Kiting on Oldshoremore Beach, north west

The BBC Scotland website's 'local knowledge' section for the Highlands and Islands asks locals and visitors to contribute their knowledge of their area each month. This month they are deciding what is the best beach in the Highlands. As many people are looking for a good beach to live near, whether its just to look at and appreciate, walk your dog, run, kite or surf. The beach below the village of Oldshoremore in the far north west featured in one of the contributors favourites. The picture above is from this beach, in the 26 degree heatwave of May this year (although there was a nice breeze too!). Another beach mentioned, the nearby Sandwood Bay is probably my favourite... or maybe Traigh Uige on Lewis... but then there's Bostadh on Great Berneray... and then theres...

Local knowledge for these things really is priceless because you can never get round and see it all yourself.

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